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About Me

I'm Neil, and I have been a fan of classic, antique  and custom vehicles since I was a kid.  I will tackle almost any automobile related task, repairing, modifying or building. 

My Favorite Cars


I've never met a car I really didn't like, but my personal favorites are Porsche 928's.

1929 Model A Ford panel truck , Chevy V6. Auto.


Started in 1993, previous owner decided he could not complete it in 2014, so I bought it, basically a rolling chassis  with some work done in 2014, on road finished one year later.

Some of the more memorable cars I have owned.

UK up to 1978

1929 MG ‘M’ type with a (Fiberfab ?) fiberglass body

Ford Anglia 105E

MG Midget Mk II

Land Rover Series 1 or 2 ( Don’t remember which )

Alfa Romeo Giulia TI Super

Morris 1100

Triumph 2500 PI Mk2 ( ex Police)

Ford Cortina GT

Ford Capri

Ford Zephyr

Triumph Dolomite Sprint

USA from 1978 on


Chevy Camaro RS

Porsche 924 1980

Porsche 914 (x2) 1972

MG Midget 1500 MK IV
Ford Bronco

Porsche 928 ( 1981, 1984, 1986)

Land Rover Discovery 1 1998

Jeep YJ

Range Rover

1929 Ford Model AA truck built as a street rod.


Downloads - coming soon

Need some tech info on Porsche 928's, contact me and if I have it I'll make it available here.

Files coming soon.

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